Prescribing changes

From 1st September 2020 pharmacies will no longer be able to order your medication for you.  Patients can order their medication from the practice in the following ways:
  • Online - registration forms are available from reception (proxy access can be given to family or carers with the patients consent - see the receptionist for details)
  • NHS App - you can register to use the NHS App this is another form of online access.
  • Using the practice prescription e-mail - (remember to include three identifiers on the e-mail)
  • In person - drop your request off to the ground floor reception desk or through the post box found on the ground floor (this is emptied at least twice a day)
  • By post - send your request in the post along with stamped addressed envelope if you would like us to post it back to you
  • By telephone - the order line is currently open from 09:30 - 16:00

If none of these options are suitable please talk to the receptionists about an alternative - REMEMBER we need 48 working hours to process your request.

We will still be able to send your prescription electronically to your nominated pharmacy - this is not changing.