Clinics We Offer

NHS Health Checks

All patients aged 40-74 years of age are eligible to a free NHS Health Check every 5 years.  This check will include lifestyle advice and screening for possible signs of heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

Chronic Disease Health Checks

All patients diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, epilepsy, heart disease, CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) or stroke are eligible for annual health checks and 6 monthly monitoring if medically required.

Patients aged 75 years and over or suffer with Dementia

You are invited to have an annual check up with the nurse.  This can be arranged at the surgery or at home if you are housebound.

Pre-diabetes and Lifestyle Advice

Patients identified as being at risk of diabetes are monitored with the offer of an annual blood test.  A referral for support and advice on lifestyle can be arranged.

Well Women & Cervical Screening

All women aged 25-64 are eligible for cervical screening every 3-5 years.  These checks will include a general health check and advice about lifestyle.  Ladies who have had a total hysterectomy and don't need smears anymore can still attend for a well women check.


If you are planning a pregnancy or have just tested positive, the nurses are available by appointment to provide you with advice about Folic Acid, smoking cessation, diet, exercise and alcohol during pregnancy.

After 20 weeks of pregnancy all ladies will be offered a Whooping Cough vaccination to help protect your baby from this infectious disease.

During September to March all pregnant ladies will be offered a vaccination against influenza.

Following the birth of your child you will be offered a post natal examination with the doctor (usually coinsides with your childs 8 week check).

Child Health Surveillance & Child Development

The practice offers a child health surveillance service for all children, babies are reviewed with a GP around 8 weeks old to check their early development, after this time your Health Visiting Team will take over their developmental checks.

Children will continue to be invited for their scheduled immunisations at the practice.

Minor Surgery

The practice provides a wide variety of minor surgery from joint injections and cryotherapy, to removal of skin lesions, lipomas and cysts. This is a specialised services therefore you may be directed towards a specific GP within the practice.

Leg Ulcer Clinic

The nursing team provide wound care for those who need regular dressings and care for this condition.

Chiropody Clinics

Chiropody clinics are held in the building for those patients who are entitled to free chiropody treatment - referral by a GP or nurse is required.

Primary Care Mental Health

The practice has a mental health team who are specially trained to work with patients who may be experiencing mental health problems or dementia.  Following a consultation with one of the GPs you may be referred to this team for further treatment, advice or support.

Minor Illness – Practice Nurse Clinics

Due to excess demand for GP appointments, the practice employs a Practice Nurse who has advanced training in Minor Illness.  The nurse can diagnose, treat and arrange prescriptions for many minor illnesses including:

  • Coughs & colds                  
  • Hay fever                 
  • Sore throats               
  • Earache
  • Skin rashes                        
  • Skin infections          
  • Urine infections          
  • Women's health problems

If you think your problem could be treated by the Practice Nurse ask the receptionist or speak to the triage nurse.

Appointments can also be booked for ear syringing, removal of sutures, dressing of wounds, injections etc.

Patient Information Leaflet

You can find further information about the practice and services we provide by downloading the practice information leaflet here.