Children and Young Adults

On this page we try to bring together serious and light hearted subjects for these groups and with links to advise for parents this is all accredited NHS or Public Health information

For 2- 5 year old

Change for life have teamed up with popular children’s TV show LazyTown, and its superhero Sportacus, to encourage kids aged two to five to be more active and eat healthier food. Sportacus is the healthiest children’s cartoon character on UK television and likes to eat 'sports-candy' (fruit and veg) with every meal.     

Or for all the family try healthy Recipes

Fun Activities in the school Holidays    

Young People and Mental Health

Teenagers are in transition as they move from being a child to an adult. Often this can be a very difficult time and often they are not conducive to wanting to come to the surgery. So what issues do they have, what matters to them and where do they find out what is safe? The following are a selection of sites that gives more information